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Check out what our patients have to say about how the Cool Comfort Wrap™ changed their post-surgery recovery for the better! Feel like sharing your experience? Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

We noticed a significant lack of swelling during our daughter Alex’s easy recovery after her wisdom teeth removal. We account for this due to Dr. Lee’s skill and the use of the ice machine. Thank you for making the entire process as easy and painless as possible.
— Linda S.
You have treated 3 of my children. Two of them had regular ice packs. My third child used your miracle machine. I can’t tell you how many times daughters 1 and 2 fell asleep and I didn’t want to disturb them. By the time they woke up they had a lukewarm liquid pack and soaked bed sheets! The ice machine eliminates the drippy mess and inefficiency of pack changes. It allows uninterrupted cool comfort those first critical days and nights of sleep.
— Cindy M.
The ice machine made all the difference. I hardly needed any pain medication. It was a huge help.
— Susan P.
Really helps with recovery. It was very easy to use and helped a lot with the pain.
— Michelle L.
The best invention ever! It made the process so much easier and more comfortable for my son.
— Sharon B.
My daughter wants to keep it because it helped her so much. This was so much easier than filling ice packs for my other children. WE LOVE IT!
— Paul D.
It resulted in almost no swelling.
— Misty T.
Very helpful with easing the pain. I barely swelled at all and would most definitely recommend this to anyone getting oral surgery.
— Kevin S.
Works very well.
— Sue Y.
Excellent device, made a huge difference.
— Edward F.
It made post surgery icing easy and extremely effective. Covers the face comfortably and completely. Simplifies long-term jaw icing.
— John D.

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