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The Cool Comfort Wrap™ System is not only incredibly easy to use but it's also extremely effective.

How Does Cold Therapy Work?

The Cool Comfort Wrap™ is effective for a variety of reasons. First, it decreases fluid build up (swelling). Second, it slows the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation. Third, cold decreases pain by reducing the ability of the nerve endings to conduct impulses. And lastly, it aids in pain relief by limiting the muscle's ability to maintain contraction, thus reducing muscle spasm. Because of these benefits, cold therapy is generally prescribed throughout the duration of your rehabilitation.


How Does the Cool Comfort™ System Work?

The Cool Comfort Wrap™ System provides cold therapy through temperature regulation. By utilizing ice and water that is circulated from an insulated fluid reservoir to a pad that is applied to your postoperative site, the system provides cold therapy for an extended period of time between ice changes.

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