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Cool Comfort Wrap™ 

To help ease the pain and swelling of oral surgery, we would like 
to introduce the Cool Comfort Wrap™ for continuous ice therapy.

Orthopedic surgeons have successfully lowered post-operative pain and swelling through the use of continuous ice therapy following bone and joint surgery. Dr. Lee has applied this technology to oral surgery and is pleased to introduce continuous ice therapy with our Cool Comfort Wrap™ System. Now available for all patients undergoing oral surgery, the Cool Comfort Wrap:

  • Reduces post-operative swelling
  • Lowers post-operative pain minimizing the need for post-operative pain medications
  • Maintains an ideal continuous therapeutic cooling temperature to the face
  • Eliminates repeated ice pack changes and leaking
  • Provides support and pressure to the tissues surrounding the surgical site thereby lowering post-operative bleeding and bruising
  • Accelerates the return of normal jaw muscle function and normal diet

Brought to you by:  Michael B. Lee, D.D.S.

Statewood Surgical Solutions is the proud developer and distributer of the Cool Comfort Wrap System. Please contact 513.232.2376 for information or questions.